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Why CHS?

India’s first corporate workforce wellness conference brings the giants in the field together. Expert sessions, rich panel discussions and insightful demos help you connect with best-in-class solution providers!

This summit will show you how to implement effective wellness programs, how to collect and analyze data to find out what’s working, how to measure your return on investment and so much more. No matter what your organization’s size or industry, you can benefit from attending this event.

CHS 2017 aims to:

  • Provide a platform for critical stakeholders of corporate wellness
  • Have open and in-depth dialogues with experts to augment and disseminate knowledge
  • Understand current challenges and identify comprehensive solutions that will lead to India Wellness V.2.0 in 2017
  • Partner with government organisations, and get them abreast of our challenges, and areas of mutual interests
  • Bring to the table all service provider and service seeker audiences

How does it help you?

More collaborations, more dialogues, more takers for your offerings, more excitement about all things workforce wellness!