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Why CHS?

India’s only corporate workforce wellness conference brought the giants in the field together. The past editions saw expert sessions, rich panel discussions, insightful demos and networking with the best-in-class solution providers!

At the summit, incisive discussions take place on the real state of wellness of India Inc., solutions at hand, the size of the problem, and potential solutions. Venerable representatives of corporate houses discuss how to implement effective wellness programs, how to collect and analyze data to find out what’s working, how to measure an employee’s return on investment and much more.

This is a conversation you cannot afford to ignore!

CHS Bangalore aims to:

  • Strengthen the platform – bring to the table all service providers and service seekers of the nation.
  • Conduct in-depth dialogues with experts to augment and disseminate knowledge.
  • Provide an understanding of current challenges to identify comprehensive solutions that will lead to India Wellness V.2.0 in the future.

How does it help you?

Start dialogues with people in-the-know.

Collaborate with industry experts and innovators.

Network with service providers and understand the market and its offerings.