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Your information of the various facets of wellness and health will be enhanced by each panel discussion and expert speaker session:

India’s first corporate health initiative is a large-scale intervention to facilitate a meeting between the folks having wellness concerns and the solution providers. Knowledge augmentation sessions and meeting distinguished panel members, and session chairs will help you widen your network.

Industry standard has not gone up since installing a gym, organizing an annual cricket tournament and celebrating Yoga day with a visiting expert.

Are we mistaking activity for achievement?

Corporate India’s health metrics confirm this hypothesis.

One of the pillars of good health is healthy food. The average cafeteria has portion sizes better suited to the needs of farmers working in the fields or manual labourers and not IT professionals inside a sanitized A/C environment leading sedentary lives. If these are the problems, where are the solutions? What more can companies do, to genuinely move the needle on employee physical health?

Listen to experts on fitness, nutrition and health trade notes with Human Resources decision makers of India Inc. on what has made the program tick within their organisations.

Is it still a taboo topic?

Absolutely! It is okay to talk about Deepika Padukone’s battle with depression, but it is still not acceptable to think or think aloud, about possibly our own teams (or us) needing help. Over 50% of urban India is struggling with stress, anxiety or depression. With old societal norms being strung down to make way for newer ones, support systems are fewer, and often irrelevant or unable to cope with the demands of urban needs.

Are there emotional health policies in place within organisations? Is there a rehabilitation time period? How does that affect that employee’s career and growth? Are employees trained on how to respond to or connect with someone who has been treated with psychotherapy or psychiatry for, say, anxiety or stress?

Watch our experts share their experiences with representatives from companies, as they talk about metrics based solutions.

Does your company treat the issue of the health of its women employees according to the first rule of Fight Club?

Are your managers and employees trained on the correct manner of discussing issues of women’s wellness? Do they know how to be supportive without feeling victimized, themselves? How does the male majority put this on their agenda and implement it?

Reorienting women returning from pregnancy leave – is that on your agenda? It is being practiced sincerely?

These and other questions you have always wanted to ask but were afraid to ask: our fearless panelists crash through the glass ceiling, in search of the answers.

17 cities, 20 office locations, 5,000 employees, 1 annual onsite health check-up. How do you make this successful?

What can you do to ensure there are higher percentages of adoption for these initiatives? How can you convince employees to take the free checkup which gives them proactive data to take preventative steps towards ill-health?

Where are the lines on sand drawn: is it the company’s responsibility or the individual’s? What is the revenue loss on absenteeism, or, for that matter, presenteeism?

Our panel of experts lock opinions with decision makers inside corporations, to find a series of answers you can take to the bank.