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After revolutionising the running movement in the country over the last 10 years, one race at a time, you could say that we have a ringside view to the effects of sleep loss on the human body and mind! One of the first thing that goes is our ability to assess how much sleep we actually need. Ironic, isn’t it? We have experienced this with colleagues, who would suddenly claim full abilities and zero fatigue, even though they are looking visibly tired and their decision making ability sounds strained.

So, what then, are things organisations can do, to ensure that their workforce isn’t sacrificed at the altar of growth and stability? First, it is incumbent on people leaders to acknowledge that those long hours and late night calls with clients across geographies is cutting into good quality sleep. Second, acknowledge also that these incursions into the state of rest of employees doesn’t come without a price. The price, in fact, is rather steep. There is lost productivity, impaired decision making, and basic employee safety concern when driving, or crossing the road, or doing other tasks that require all mental faculties to be a 100% up and running.

Education on sleep management is an excellent first step we’d recommend. This might start with educating the people function, as a first step. Attend the webinar with Dr. Swami Subramaniam, Principal Consultant, Nutrea on ‘Sleep, performance & the corporate warrior’ to learn more.

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