The effect of sustained health and wellness programs on employees.

At The Fuller Life, we have been fortunate to have a ringside view of all the trends, changes and paradigm shifts in Corporate India and workforce health & wellness.

Consistent with this study of the US demographic, on the effect of sustained health & wellness programs on the target audience, the Indian patterns also indicate that there is power in sustained health & wellness corporate efforts.

From years of partnering with the leaders of the people functions, here are our findings:

  • Employees tend to have spikes in exercise and healthy food consumption patterns
  • After a few months of sustained efforts and positive results, they tend to revert to type, when “normal” life takes over
  • They tend to go back to sitting at their desks for 7-8 hours, eating unhealthy meals at irregular hours, fasting to lose weight, losing strength and vitality and costing the organization time in productivity loss and money in insurance payouts
  • Lifestyle illnesses are taking victims at younger age ranges, indiscriminately across gender and organization structures

The news is not all doom and gloom. Our partners have successfully executed health & wellness programs by way of four pillars:

  • Awareness and education by using fun online games
  • Sustained preventive and progressive efforts, like annual on-site health checks and sports activities, respectively
  • Webinars and expert talks that span the spectrum of genome mapping to desktop yoga techniques, to ensure well-rounded learning
  • Emotional health support by way of on-site counselors with a clear protocol for managing various complexities


Using these findings, our best-in-class offering is designed keeping in mind overstretched schedules, intermittent focus on wellness, and other realities of life.
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