Employee wellness: Engagement and beyond

Corporate India has seen a sea of changes on what encompasses the oganisation’s areas of responsibilities. Starting from benefits being limited to annual holidays in the 90s, we swiftly moved to talking about supporting Gen X-ers and millennials through stages of their life, be it interest-free loans, car lease or maternity/ paternity leave during adoption. Employee engagement started off as “employee motivation and bonding efforts” in the form of team outings, annual sports tournaments etc., but the evolved organisation now not only has trained professionals to help employees talk through issues, and slot webinars on topics as such as anxiety in children, they are going in the direction of moving beyond thinking of engagement and thinking of employee wellness.

Now that wellness is a stated agenda, organisations are learning that going beyond the branded 5k run and the 30-day wellness challenge, the one big differentiator is when the organisation builds a culture of wellness. Their wellness heroes are celebrated, their cafeteria has more exicitng food options that are healthy, they have clear metrics to focus on. With this in mind, as this article illustrates, they work backwards, and identify the metrics they want to demonstrate a difference in. After identifying what specific areas are bottomline-impacting concerns for the organisation (obesity, hypertension, diabetes etc.) they are creating specific plans to identify interventions intended to improve quality of life.

This is the area of work we are involved in as well. The groundswell has now engulfed all of our forward thinking client organisations and is moving them forward towards metric-driven construction of a culture of wellness.

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