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Your information of the various facets of wellness and health will be enhanced by each panel discussion and expert speaker session:

India’s first corporate health initiative is a large-scale intervention to facilitate a meeting between the folks having wellness concerns and the solution providers. Knowledge augmentation sessions and meeting distinguished panel members, and session chairs will help you widen your network.

Healthier workforces provide an essential lever for companies to negotiate insurance costs, in addition to the traditional lever of numbers.

Given the health insurance sector’s current state, companies will want to shift focus from getting better insurance rates to getting healthier. Insurance premia are determined by outcomes of health checks which are done at the moment of initiating the policy. Given how competitive the Indian health insurance market is and how often insurance providers are changed by companies, it is likely that employees undergo health checks annually, at the least. Improved health may thus lead to lower insurance costs.

The current mental health epidemic is a national crisis: 50% of urban India is experiencing stress, anxiety or depression. Our reality is:

Angry/ stressed/ sleep deprived is the new normal: from our cab drivers to our team members, everyone is struggling with unstable emotional states. Companies need to create a framework to enable employees to deal with the issue and manage productivity loss.  Afflicted individuals need help overcoming social stigma.

What solutions can Indian Inc. look for, to counter the epidemic? Do meditation methodologies and Yoga enable recovery? How can we enable the people functions of organisations tackle the issue with sensitivity and knowledge?

Employees in corporate India look to the company to take care of their health. This is part of our mindset that comes down from factories having clinics to white collar India having health insurance. The key outputs expected from employees are quality and quantity of work. The key inputs to that are how charged up and happy the employees feel. Health thus plays a critical role in making up the vitality of the company. We seek to answer the question of whether having a structured plan makes the company more energetic and effective.

  • What are the metrics that point that way? Do we have data from companies that put plans in place and saw a difference in output?
  • Are there options to having a health and wellness plan? Will a Fun Friday work just as well?
  • Where does health fit on the company and employee engagement spectrum?