Genomics based health and wellness plans are now a reality!

Genomics based wellness is very much a reality, worldwide! Companies like 23 and me in the US and Mapmygenome in India are making this more accessible to everyone. Each of us can check our genetic propensity for various kinds of lifestyle illnesses and create a wellness plan – diet and exercise – accordingly. Imagine being 25 years old, and being told that as per your genetic makeup, you are 40% more likely to suffer from hypertension, compared to your sibling! You can start doing meditation, include calming foods in your diet, possibly add an endurance sport at the start of your career. By the time you hit age 40, you have considerably reduced chances of hypertension. You might well have ended up becoming a better, calmer, more balanced version of yourself!


You can also get yourself customized medical insurance, to ensure coverage of challenges you anticipate facing later in life. You would be able to put together a comprehensive plan for insurance and a budget, to cater to this. You will also be able to get periodic health checks with special focus on illnesses you have a tendency towards.


Forewarned is forearmed. Being prepared for years to anticipate health issues would mean that you are not being blindsided by issues as they arise. As opposed to back of envelope calculations like, “Your maternal side has a tendency towards diabetes, so please lay off the sugary stuff”, you actually get data that tells you, from the perspective of your genetic material, what is the actual risk you are facing.


As a company, this helps ensure that you are able to anticipate outages, expenditures, and are able to predict better, trends in medical insurance and related expenses. You can also do targeted employee health & wellness efforts. If you see, for instance, that incidences of hypertension are high, or that among employees in their 40s, cardiovascular risks are high, you can execute relevant interventions, that are of value to them, and shows you in a positive and caring light. Click here to read about the trend, and the power it holds.

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