How can corporate wellness programs improve the health metrics of your workforce?

A recent Forbes article says that interventions under the umbrella of corporate wellness have helped organisations reduce hypertension by 50% in their workforce. Sounds plausible? Believe it or not, these are facts from real companies engaged in real path-breaking work to increase the bottom-line by improving the health metrics of their workforce.

The concept is really simple at the core of it – it comes down to genuine concern for the individual and team wellness shown by the stakeholders of an organisation. When that happens, the people feel the need to do their bit to contribute. And this need includes the need to be healthier and be there for critical milestones, and the other miles that make up these milestones.

This has far reaching results on employees. A healthy employee is a creative one. In a world that relies heavily on out of the box thinking, creative problem solving and innovation in services, products and thinking, emotional agility is critical. Emotional agility is dependent on emotional and physical good health.

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