Learn how minor changes can bring about major gains from Appaya Kongetira!

We’re celebrating people who eat well,in this edition of #ThursdayTales. One of our colleagues, Appaya Kongetira is a great example of minor changes bringing about major gains.

He loves salads. No, he really does. And no again, he isn’t 60 years old. He goes hunting for fresh leaves, fruits and vegetables in his garden. He adds a zest of flavour from creatively made vinaigrettes, and voila, everyday, he has a delicious salad to share with his colleagues over lunch. Others have picked up this habit from him, and try their own hand at making this fresh, raw addition to their regular lunch. Even though he might go all out and eat from everyone’s plates after, the starting of his meal with a fresh plateful of uncooked food ensures that he gets his daily dose of nutrients.

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