Markers for a powerful wellness program

In case you are wondering about what makes a good employee wellness program, here are some markers we have found to be strong health indicators, through our 16 years of expertise in the field.

Popular support: the stressed, often overworked people are opening up to your communication channels and are signalling acceptance. The idea of what you are proposing seems interesting to the diverse workforce. They are not looking at your proposed idea as another chore in their cluttered lives but as an elegant solution to a problem they can’t solve.

Time and space: employees already spend the majority of their waking hours inside the confines of your office campus. They need to be able to do the tasks asked of them in a short span of time, within your office space. They should not have to brave odd hours or further commute to reach their health goals.

Peer pressure: there are others in their teams that seem committed to the same cause as you and are excited about reaching for these common goals. You have people who are cheering for you, whom you are egging on in response, and are together lunging for the finish line, which is the start line for the next fitness adventure.

Support system: there is a support system of existing health checks, medical and emotional health professionals. These serve as the basis for people to do more with the time they have.

This article corroborates what we believe. What do you think are critical to a powerful wellness program? Share your success story with us!

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