Mindfulness: An important aspect of emotional wellness

Employee engagement is rapidly taking a backseat to employee wellness. The reason: while engagement is transient, wellness is a longer-lasting goal to go after. Employee wellness typically falls under verticals of physical, emotional, financial wellness and community building. While much is being done for physical and financial wellness, and community building is under the well-defined ambit of CSR, the emotional wellness aspect is seeing an uptake off late.

Employees across workplaces are falling prey to stress of deadlines, a steep learning curve, a near relentless pace of catching up, digital excesses, and after all these are dealt with, to go home, and repeat everything in the homestead.

Mindfulness is one practice that has caught on seriously in organisations across geographies! Staying in the moment, focusing on breathing, and appreciating the fullness of the minute one is in, helps on being on a more calm plane than if reacting constantly to stimuli.

Mindfulness pays back the individual in spades. It reduces stress, increases balance, and from a company’s standpoint, reduces healthcare costs, and helps employees combat presenteeism.

Mindfulness can be accomplished by many tools, meditation, yoga, breathing exercises, etc. being just a few. What mindfulness measures have worked for your workplace?

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