Mastering Sleep

This is the first book by the author who is a physician, pharmacologist and a neuroscientist. The book is a welcome addition to a rather sparse genre in India about what its subtitle says is about the science of sleeping well.

The author starts off by making a case for why sleep must be treated with the same concern that we treat diabetes in today’s world, given that sleep related issues cause comparable if not greater, damage to national economies.

Given that sleep issues impacts almost all of our lives indirectly if not directly, the book is targeted at a lay reader.

The book is divided into four sections – Understanding Sleep, Losing Sleep, Managing Sleep and finally Mastering Sleep. The distribution of the content over the four sections is almost in descending order, perhaps reflecting the fact that the science of sleep is still relatively new, compared to its other counterparts in medicine.

Although the book is a little over 200 pages, it isn’t necessarily a light read,  since the content covers a lot of

The author makes an earnest effort to ensure the reader has a solid foundation for the content by spending nearly a 100 pages clarifying various concepts around sleep. Then, the author dwells on various sleep related ailments and issues in the second section. The third section describes how to deal with some of those issues while the final section has clear, practical advice for the modern human – travellers dealing with jet lag, shift workers, drivers with long commutes and even those generally short of sleep at work.

The author uses illustrations, anecdotes and checklists to keep the reader engaged throughout the book. Occasionally, he entertains the reader with dry humour and witticisms. However, he comes down emphatically on popular myths such as the one around yawning. At the same time, his medical background is evident, humour included. The whole book reflects an enormous exercise in diligence, enthusiasm and humility for a nascent science. If there’s one foible with it, it is mostly of style.

The book is a strongly recommended read for working professionals including athletes. If you are one of those who harbour thoughts about their infallibility despite low sleep and those who think they can run up a deficit during the week and use the weekend to makeup, you must read it to know why you may not be right!

Dr. Swami Subramaniam was a speaker at the Corporate Health Summit 2018. His knowledge and expertise was well appreciated and we look forward to more such interactions.

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Author: Dharmendra D
Consultant, The Fuller Life

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