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Your information of the various facets of wellness and health will be enhanced by each panel discussion and expert speaker session:

India’s first corporate health initiative is a large-scale intervention to facilitate a meeting between the folks having wellness concerns and the solution providers. Knowledge augmentation sessions and meeting distinguished panel members, and session chairs will help you widen your network.

It isn’t uncommon for companies even in the information age, to convert the gym area into more office space to accommodate employees. And that is at companies, which have a gym in the first place. Several companies, which have multiple floors, don’t even have a gym.

Many companies have annual sports tournaments (cricket being an obvious choice!) for their employees. Is your fitness something you should look at once a year? How many employees actually get injured during these sporting activities?

And finally, does your physical fitness stop at the gym or the playing arena? What about the office provided lunch/dinner that frequently comes with a dessert or for that matter pizza on- the- house when you work overtime? Whose responsibility is it if the employee gets obese?

These are some discussion points you would hear when you attend this session

Is it still a taboo topic?

Your employee may take a day off if he/she has a cold. But do you have a policy for someone to take time off when they’re depressed? Anxiety and anger are just two of the emotions running high during the annual performance reviews. Does your company assist employees in managing through that phase? Or do you just tell them to count to 10? Does the oft-repeated cliché about people leaving managers and not companies apply to your company too? Are you sure the culture doesn’t encourage sociopathic behavior, under the guise of fostering productivity and holding others to higher standards?

These are some topics we hope to discuss in detail and hear from the experiences of our panelists.

Does your company treat the issue of the health of its women employees according to the first rule of Fight Club? Are your managers and employees equally uncomfortable discussing issues of women’s wellness?

It isn’t made any easy by the fact that most Indian companies have male predominance in the numbers.

What percentage of employees taking maternity leave, are still with your company a year after coming back to work? If they’re still there, are they as productive? Do you make it easy for them to manage their lives to stay so?

These and other questions you have always wanted to ask but were afraid to is what we hope to get our panelists to throw some light on.

How do you manage a simple eye-care camp across 17 campuses? Why do such few employees turn up for annual health checks despite the fact that it is free?

Will the company do anything between this year’s checkup and the next year’s to help improve the health of healthy employees?

Does the company’s responsibility end with negotiating the annual health insurance? Should you be happy that your health insurer picked up the cost of your employee’s hospitalization for a lifestyle disease or be worried about the employee’s lost productivity?