What can we expect from an upsurge in the utilization of wellness programs by employers?

This insightful article talks about only 9% of the global workforce being under the ambit of a workplace wellness program.

What then, can we expect from an upsurge in the utilization of these programs by more and more employers?

From our experience of tailoring employee engagement and wellness programs for Fortune 100 companies across India, here’s what we know:

There is an impact on the bottom-line: Companies that have adopted running clubs, desktop yoga, an annually distributed sports calendar, zumba classes, dietician sessions, cafeteria audits etc., do see a more productive workforce.

Fall in healthcare costs: As the article suggests, the fact that insurance provider organizations buying up or investing in digital health startups is evidence that they believe that the future is prevention and not intervention.

Holistic family support: In corporate India, concepts like paternity or bereavement leave, adoption leave, benefits such as add-on elder care are no more seen as western concepts: for our workforce, all of these are realities.

Distributed, diverse workforce support: India has the unique challenge that what will work for the workforce in NCR might not tickle the fancy of the colleagues in Kochi or Hyderabad. While Rajnikanth themed communication might work to enthuse the Chennai workforce, for the ones in Mumbai, it would not work. How then, can we custom-create interest areas for not just a distributed workforce but also a geographically, culturally and socially diverse one? We find global themes that appeal to all, and keep this enthusiasm going all year long.

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